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I just realized that I haven’t updated this blog in awhile. It was not because nothing interesting happened in the meantime but an overwhelmingly lot of things took place that I simply could not keep record. I knew I should write something sooner than later. Finally, I am writing. Yay!!! (my machine crashed. So I have some time until my backup is ready. A blessing in disguise? Meh, I wouldn’t go that far.)

Starting from where I left off, I moved to Salt Lake City, Utah in fall 2015 to go to grad school (Yeah, right! As if 4+ years of college wasn’t enough torture). Well, it’s not that. My egotistical self didn’t want me to become a code monkey enslaved by the  kingdom of menial programming labor. On the other hand, by the time I finished my college, I had a real hankering for academic research. So the logic dictated that I go to the school again (even Spock agreed).

Utah is an interesting place. Many adventures await you all throughout the year.  Of course, to make the best use of it you need to invest time, something a typical grad student does not have in abundance (lazy guy’s excuses).

Zion national park, Observation point. Fall-break, 2015


My apologies to the entire race of snowmen but it was fun to make this ugly snowman !

Salt Lake City often hosts top artists. Being a fan myself, I find this the perfect gateway to witness my favorite artists. Cradle of Filth recently payed a visit during their US tour, The Inquisitional Torture, which qualifies to be described in urban slang as a “kickass gig”. Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Anthrax, Slayer, Korn, Cannibal Corpse, Gojira, Tesseract, and Black Sabbath are only a few artists who will be appearing in my backyard this year. Good times ahead!

All in all, this kind city in the mountains has been home for almost a year and I am more than happy with what it has to provide.

Apparently, my backup file is ready. It’s time to install a clean Linux distribution and continue my noble endeavor to expand the horizons of human knowledge (fancy words for ‘research’). Until next time, Adiós, amigos!


This time to India

This time it’s Hyderabad, India. JATT was published at the International Workshop for Automatic Performance Tuning 2015 held along with IPDPS. We presented “Auto-tuning the Java Virtual Machine” there and the paper is available via IEEE workshop proceedings. While the conference was full of exciting research talks,  the exposure to India and its culture was a novel experience. So this post is likely going to be another page in my travel diaries. Hyderabad is a blooming tech-city with subsidiaries of leading tech companies coming to the city. A lot of infrastructure and constructions are still underway. Telugu and Hindi are the most common languages. Even with a tight schedule fully packed with cutting-edge tech talks and presentations, I made room to cover few tourist attractions around Telangana, Hyderabad.

Shilparamam is a shopping area where you can find authentic Hyderabadi pearls, souvenirs, etc. They have some food places too though food hygiene is a concern. We went to Rock and Grill and had Biriyani, Naan, Parata and Chinese noodles along with some Indian dishes. Nothing horrible happened so I’d say this place is okay if you want to grab something to eat around Shilparamam night bazaar.

Golkonda Fort – all you need to know about this place is here. Great place to visit in Hyderabad. 15-20km away from the Hitec city.


Panoramic view from the top of the fort
Panoramic view from the top of the fort

Lumbini Park
, Buddha Statue, Hussain Sagar – 
yet another tourist attraction. This place can be very crowded in the evenings. They have a boat service that brings you to the Buddha Statue right in the middle of the lake. All in all, this is an awesome scenic place at night.

CharminarAnother Hyderabadi landmark. Besides the architectural grandeur of Char-Minar (Four towers), this is a popular place to do some street shopping. If you know the art of bargaining, this is the place to go ! DSC01840

Paradise Restaurant –  Come here for sthe best Biriyani in the city(This is what locals told us). A well-arranged restaurant with ambiance. They have several restaurants including Persis Heights where we went. I don’t want to sell their Chicken Biriyani here, it’s simply the best. You have my money on it !

Inorbit Mall –  A full scale shopping mall near Hi-tec city. This is a fancy place but the good thing is you can find almost anything under one roof.

Karachi Bakery –  A signature bakery in Hyderabad. They provide a wide range of bakery items including Indian cookies and other authentic sweets. If you are in Hyderabad, please pay a visit here, you won’t regret.

Mast Kalandar –  Authentic north Indian vegetarian restaurant. I would recommend this place regardless you are a meat-lover or a vege-fanatic. Food here (like almost everywhere in India) is filled with a number of spices that brings the taste and the mouthwatering aroma. 10424269_1126079610751343_8539452951104919792_n (1)

Overall, it was a very good tour. One worry was the temperature in Hyderabad at this time of the year. The average temperature was around ~40’C. Make sure you arrange your outdoor activities accordingly if you go there in the summer. This is it about the journey to Hyderabad. Until we meet again, Namaste !

Undergrad life : A quick look-back

It has almost been 5 years, from 29.07.2010 to 10.04.2015, as an undergrad at University of Moratuwa,Sri Lanka and this is a short look-back into the past few years. Thought it took almost an year more than it was planned initially; due to trade union strikes, student clashes and whatnot, all which are so rare in Sri Lanka, I would say I do not regret that time. I think I was fortunate enough to make the best out of it. The department of Computer Science and Engineering is the place that made everything possible and it will always be remembered as one of those special places.

10 Best Courses

In the meantime, I took some time to do some review on the CSE curriculum and rate my favorite courses. I tried my best, though might not be fully avoided, to decouple the experience I have on the course delivery from the course content. Though course delivery is a core component that makes path to the success of a course, what I wanted to reflect from this list is a measure of the course content and the learning experience.

  1. CS 4342 Advanced Computer Architecture
  2. CS 4542 Compiler Design
  3. CS 3062 Theory of Computing
  4. MA 4052 Numerical Analysis for Scientific Computing
  5. CS 4532 Concurrent Programming
  6. EN 2062 Signals and Systems (Prof. Keerthi Walgama did a tremendous job teaching this subject, Kudos !)
  7. CS 4522 Advanced Algorithms
  8. CS 3512 Programming Languages
  9. CS 2022 Data Structures and Algorithms
  10. MA 2032 Linear Algebra
  11. [Honorable mention] CS 3612 Intelligent Systems
  12. [Honorable mention] CS 4622 Machine Learning

It should be noted that the above preferences have a lot to do with my personal tastes. I consider this one course, Theory of Computing as a turning point in my undergrad life, or may be even beyond that. Before coming to semester 5, I was a data geek and a machine learning enthusiast. Inspired by Andrew Ng‘s very first run of the ML course on Coursera platform in 2012. However, ToC class changed my entire view of Computer Science. I think Prof. Sanath Jayasena who later became an unforgettable character in my life, and his teaching also played some role here, however the course content alone was pretty mature to inspire an enthusiast. It was because of the ToC class, I decided to take two follow-on classes Programming Languages and Compiler Design. By the time of writing, I am a fully-pledged compiler guy having Machine Learning as a smart charm in my tool-box. Most modern compiling units use machine learning in one way or another, so ML is a good companion to take with you side-by-side. Overall undergrad learning experience, I would say, is very good given that you work hard enough to make it so. One note before winding-up this section, I publicly discourage taking courses for the sake of grades. This is the worst thing you can do to yourself, if you are an enthusiastic learner.

Final Year

I consider the fourth and the final year at CSE is the best of all, that counted towards the personal growth. Above all, an (nearly) year-long Research and Development Project was a priceless experience. So it’s in your hands to make it count towards your future. Do not just do the project because it’s compulsory and you want to grab 10 credits, but rather out of pure passion towards discovery. Trust me, there will be immediate benefits if you do a good research. The return of a good project is high and you won’t regret the sleepless nights you spent searching for success. I met a lot of good people who are good friends, mentors, teachers and colleagues. Almost everything that took place during this year helped me to get myself consolidated and set my goals straight for the foreseeable future.

Relationship 101

Given that you are in your early 20s, it is perfectly natural to be in one. But the one golden rule that one shall remember when finding your significant other is that he/she should at least have some common sense about life. Au contraire, if you have greater dreams in you life and the other has no prospects whatsoever beyond the cultural obligations of marriage and procreation, that’s a no-go (for me). Abort mission, I repeat, Abort mission !

You don’t get credits for having a life, but…

but it gives a lot more to remember and cherish. Life, in my perspective, better not be monolithic. I spent quality time with the university Taekwondo team, sharing awesome moments. The team was like a second family where I rejoiced the times I spent with. In the gym, you toil to the worst until your limbs hurt for days, but the memories you make last longer than the pain. “Sports” was an important aspect during last 4+ years that backed me up to keep things up and running.


In conclusion, it was a very well spent undergrad life and collected a load of experiences. These times will surely be remembered forever. Thanks for everyone who helped to make it so. Ciao !


We presented our final year undergraduate research and development project in the ACM Student Research Competition  at CGO’15. The project title is “Auto-Tuning the HotSpot JVM” in which we try to introduce an offline auto-tuning approach to optimize runtime performance of Java programs.

First round was a poster presentation in which you explain the research to experts from both academia and industry, and get their valuable feedback and suggestions to improve. Poster can be found here. [pdf]

ACM SRC Poster

The second round is a 10-minute presentation followed by a 5-minute Q&A session. Presentation slides can be found here [ppt] [pdf]. Some interesting questions and concerns were raised during the Q&A that would redirect the project along novel paths.

2nd round presentations

The project has been awarded the gold medal in the undergraduate category and consequently it is through to the world finals where we will be competing with the winners from the rest of the ACM sponsored conferences.


Exciting times !

JATT goes CGO’15


I will be attending this year’s International Symposium on Code Generation and Optimization which is held in San Francisco, CA.  Our final year project “Auto-Tuning the HotSpot Java Virtual Machine” has won a place in the undergraduate category of ACM Student Research Competition and I will be presenting a research poster which is titled “Auto-Tuning the Java Virtual Machine”.

Not only that, the OpenTuner community is interested in knowing how the framework was used in the process of auto-tuning the Java Virtual Machine. So  I will be giving a talk on our experience with OpenTuner during the OpenTuner workshop.[ppt] [pdf]

By the way, during a later discussion with my research team, an idea came along to call our auto-tuner, JATT – Java Virtual Machine Auto-Tuning Tool. I like “JATT”, sounds kinda catchy.

Interesting updates will be posted here as they come along. Stay tuned ! 🙂 Well-done team ! for we could bring it this far. More exciting times ahead.

SF from the sky-1SF from the sky-0

“The Team”

Post 0. Hello WordPress

Hello, Fellow humans and droids,

I’m on WordPress! The decision to start writing on WordPress has been on the table for a while now. Though I’ve been writing on Blogger for more than 4 years , I always wanted to move here. This is not to say Blogger did not cater my needs, but when it comes to usability and feature richness, I vote WordPress. (as of 5th Feb, 2015)

My first blog has been fully technical and I hope to keep it the same way in the future. The main reason why I came here is to publish my non-technical content and share my day-to-day experience when it’s worth letting others know.

However, I will continue to write on Blogger whenever I want to geek out. Let’s see how it goes.

Cheers !